Legend: For each point in legend (not legend points) you get 1 extra success per story.

General Roll: (attribute + ability) + bonuses > Difficulty
•Bonuses: Situational/Environmental: These are bonuses given by the storyteller. Bonuses should not exceed die.
Stunts: Go into amazing details and the storyteller might give a bonus of between 1 and 3 dice. Also
• Regain a number of Legend points for his character
equal to the dice value of the stunt.
• (Two- and three-die stunts only) Regain a point of
• (Two- and three-die stunts only) When the stunt
resonates with a character’s Virtue, regain one channel
of that Virtue (see below).
• (Three-die stunts only) When the stunt fits a character’s
Nature particularly well, or in games where three-die stunts
are particularly rare, earn one experience point.
If the storyteller confirms a three die stunt, you can choose one bonus point instead of any bonuses, this can be done once per session.
Willpower: Can use a point to gain an automatic success. OR can spend a point of willpower to add a number of die equal to your score in a relevant virtue. This can be done as many times per story as you have points in that virtue. One point of willpower can be used per roll.
Teamwork: Add one bonus die for each assistant.

Session-One gameplay session, we will see when I allow this to end, I will assume either after an act finishes or when it feels right.

Scene- a larger encounter (ie when you are traveling between towns you might have 3 fights, but it is part of the same scene)
Story – When you have beaten a large chunck of story. Beating the pyramid would be the end of a session, leaving the planet for our home would be the end of that story.


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