The Start of Something Big...

The Welcome, Part 2

You all quietly head down to the hotel bar. As you step inside you notice that the entire place is empty, a true oddity for a Friday night. Behind the bar is a very short, stocky man. Although he stands at a miniature height, his presence is astounding. He pours out drinks and lines them up at the bar.

After a few rounds, you feel your insides pound. Like standing next to a speaker at a concert, every cell in your body reverberates with pure force. What looks like a businessman in a solid green linen suit steps into the bar behind you. You would assume he was in his late 20s by the way he carries himself, however his weathered face hints at much more life experience. His bright green eyes beam out and almost seem to glow basking him in an emerald light.

He sits down at the end of the bar and the short bartender gives him a tall drink.

Erik, the bartender tells you that you are all in town to do a mission for your parents. Kalfu, the voodoo master of dark spirits, is of course growing in power here in New Orleans. And he has a new scion on the way. A woman, the one named in your envelope, is giving birth to a child who will bring nothing but pain and chaos. Even before this scion’s power can affect the world, it will bring devastation to this area that has already suffered too much.

You must go to the concert tomorrow night, persuade Guy, a scion of The Baron to alter the fate of this child. He must not ever grow to his full potential.

Tomorrow you will go to the concert,and him to join you at the hospital to alter the fate of this child. Until then, stay out of trouble


dantependragon dantependragon

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