The Start of Something Big...

The Welcome

The bedroom is large and opens up into a large central suite with doors leading into several other rooms. Suite would be a generous term for the accommodations. The fact that the room needs a key seems to be more of a coincidence than a feature. The beds are worn and tattered, no doubt they have seen their fair share of colorful visitors that the town is known for.

As you settle in there is a knock at the door. A young man, probably a local teenager enters the room with a note. His attire of jeans and a tattered t-shirt indicate that this position is not particularly demanding. He hands you a note abruptly. As you take the note, you notice that he is still standing there with his hand out.

The note, unlike everything else you have seen since you arrived screams elegance. ::THUD:: The paper stock is heavy and fine, the typing is raised and you can feel how smoothly it is gently elevated from the card. It simply says “Wait here until everyone arrives, then proceed to the bar.

Slowly the other rooms fill up, you can feel, deep in your essence, that a large power is filling the room. The kind of power that could cause a grown man to fall to his knees and pray to his god. You know that if you had not been born of divine lineage, what you are feeling now would overwhelm you in every conceivable way.


dantependragon dantependragon

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